How to create a new installer for Bible Clip:

This page is for developers. If you are not a developer, then you can safely ignore this page.

There are files on the Subversion repository now that will allow you to create an installer for the Bible Clip. These have been taken from the ESV clip, so there are many similarities between the two.

Here's what you need to do to create the installer (once you have the code checked out from Subversion):

1. Install wixedit. It is freely downloadable at

2. If necessary to update for new release of plugin, find and rename the wxs file (located under Screen Monkey Plugin Installers\ScreenMonkey.Plugin.Clips.Bible\BibleClipSetupV0.1.wxs) for the correct version of the plugin. Use TortoiseSVN to rename it so the filename gets updated when you recommit to the repository.

3. The Files Subfolder should have the latest version of the dll file. Make sure ScreenMonkey.Plugin.Clips.Bible.dll is there!

4. Start WixEdit and open the wxs file.

5. Under the Build Menu, click Build MSI Setup Package. It should then hopefully create the setup msi file.

That should be it!

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